​All of our Massage Therapists are Licensed 

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Located inside SPIECE Fieldhouse Wellness wing.

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Stacy Filler - L.M.T.

​260-740-4018 cell

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage uses long smooth gliding strokes to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscle. It is designed to relax

and soothe the body, mentally and physically. 
60 minutes $60     90 minutes $80
Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage that uses a deep pressure to release muscle knots and tension. Focusing on the deepest 

layers of the muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia (connective tissue surrounding the muscles). Deep tissue massage focuses on the problem
areas, so it is not typically a full body massage.
60 minutes $70     90 minutes $90
Oncology Massage is a healing massage for individuals going through cancer, cancer treatments and or have had a history of cancer.

The Massage Therapist will modify the massage to work safely within the complications of the type of cancer, treatment, and the side
effects of both. 
60 min $50
Pregnancy Massage is a specifically tailored massage to meet the needs of a pregnant woman and her changing body. This massage is helpful

in relaxing tense muscles and sore spots, improve mobility and circulation. For the safety of the baby and mother, pregnancy massage should be scheduled after the first trimester.
60 minutes $60