Nail Salon by Ryan Garner 

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Natural Nail Services by Ryan Garner


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Signature pedicures by Ryan Garner

Acrylic Full Set  Nails60 minutes - $40
 The nails are transformed from short to durable nails. Stronger nails that stay pretty as they grow out.  A fast drying CND Vinylux polish can be applied. Add-on CND Shellac $20.

Acrylic Fill In  1 Hour - $35
Your pretty acrylic nails have grown. The back of your nails are showing new growth and in order to continue protecting they need to be re-shaped and re-polished. Finish with hand/arm massage. Polish of your choice, CND Vinylux polish.  Add-on CND Shellac $20.

Nail Repair  15 minutes - $3-$5 
Nails may break or tear but we can repair that. Prices vary depending on time and type of repair.

ORLY Builder Gel and/or Plexigel Builder  $65 

Mini Mani -Is not a manicure   Duration varies  -  $15

Includes: Remove polish, shape nails, light lotion. 

Add-on CND Vinylux polish for extra shine and week long of wear $5.

CND Vinylux Manicure  45 minutes  - $20.

Includes: the manicure and a new polish that is re-invented, no base coat needed, dries four times faster than regular polish. Uses the natural lighting inside or outside to Re-harden the polish as you wear it. CND Vinylux polish is a 7+ days of Flawless wear..!  

CND SHELLAC manicure  45 min  - $40

It is a chip-free UV polish, it combines the ease of fourteen days wear and high gloss shine~! And your nails are dry before leaving the table. No damage to natural nails, ever~!    

RE-SHELLAC manicure is a snap~!  60 min  - $40

We use special cotton and foil wraps, applying them to each of your nails.


We simply re-move, re-manicure and re-apply the Shellac polish of your choice.

UV polish product called SHELLAC is designed to last 14 days. Apply this to your natural nails, over top of acrylics or fiberglass nails and as a toe nail polish. Shellac is a UV technology infused nail polish. It has a High-gloss shine. You can change the polish and remove it w/o any damage to the Shellac polish..... Amazing~!!

Remove Shellac  The removal price is free if you Re-Shellac your nails, otherwise there is standard charge.   15 minutes  $15.

Manicures – 60 minutes - $30
Nails are filed smooth, cuticles pushed and hangnails trimmed. Relaxing massage then color of your choice. Choose from OPI, Morgan Taylor, CND Vinylux (no chip for a week), or new OPI Infinite Shine (effects of gel polish but no light and removed with regular polish remover. Finished with cuticles oiled and and perfect nails to go.

Gel Polish Manicure – 60 minutes - $37 
The same great manicure service but finish the look with Gel polish or Shellac polish so you are ready to go and out the door with no fear of wrecking your polish. Choose from Gelish or OPI Gel Color.  Guaranteed to have a diamond shine and not chip for 2+ weeks. Our most popular nail service!

Add French for either Gel Polish/Shellac Manicure or Regular Manicure - $5

Polish Change – 15 minutes - $12
Regular polish is removed from either fingers or toes, nails quickly shaped then re-polished with regular OPI lacquer, "hybrid" Vinylux Polish or "hybrid" OPI Infinite Shine Color.

Pedicures – 60 min - $42 (SPIECE FITNESS MEMBERS - $40)
Our feet are so important to us! They carry us every day but are often our most overlooked. Yes polished toes are important, at least to women, but to all of us the care and maintenance of our feet is also important to our overall health. Feet are soaked, nails trimmed and filed smooth, cuticles pushed, any callouses or special issues are addressed, calves and feet are exfoliated and massaged. All bringing relaxation and perfect feeling feet. Nails are either finished with perfect regular OPI lacquer, Hybrid  Vinylux polish, Hybrid OPI Infinite Shine Polish or buffed to a shine. Walk away with feet that feel and look as though they have been through the clouds.

First Class Pedicures – 90 min - $55 

An upgraded pedicure featuring antioxidants, essential oils and a rich moisture mask to aid in restoration of the skin. Hot towels and a longer relaxing massage with rich hydrating lotion provide a relaxing experience. A featured beverage or dessert is served to enhance the experience.  Choose from Rose, Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Lavender or Dreamsicle Pedicure. Also watch for specials featuring a "flavor of the month". 

Gel polish Pedicure – 75 minutes - $55
No worries about polish smudging or denting! All the care and preparation of the feet are done but finished with the no worries of Gel polish. Polished toes are ready to put in shoes or start walking. Guaranteed to last for weeks.

Paraffin Treatment Add-On (Hands or Feet) – 10 minutes- $5
Wonderful treatment to add to either manicure or pedicure service. If your hands or feet are dry, cracked, overworked or tired this treatment will address that. Hands or feet are treated to regular service then exfoliated and moisturized before sinking into warm paraffin wax that drives the moisture deep into damaged and dehydrated layers of skin. Relax for 10 minutes while enjoying the warmth and moisture soaking into your skin.

ACRYLIC NAILS by Dee Campbell

Full Set Acrylic Nails 60 minutes - $40
Nails are transformed from short or mis-shaped to perfect durable nails. The strongest nails and stay perfect as they grow out. Gel polish* can be applied for extra shine. (*$10 extra)

Acrylic Fill In- 40 minutes - $35
Yes your perfect acrylic nails have grown but they need to be filled in. The back of your nails are showing new growth and in order to continue protecting they need to be refreshed, reshaped and re-polished. All finished with massage and cuticle treatment.

Nail Repair -$2-$5 (depending on type of repair)
Nails may break or tear but we can repair that. Prices vary depending on time and type of repair (e.g. new nail tip or just repair of tear)

CND BRISA LITE Sculpting Gel Nails $35

Another breakthrough from CND. From the innovators of CND Shellac comes a superior removable gel system that revolutionizes nail technology. Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel Nails. There's no need to scratch the natural nails. It's a light enhancement. Adds shape and length. Can be extended by forms or tips. Wears two weeks and removal is easy. No damage to natural nails. 

EXPRESS pedicure 45 minutes - $40 

Includes water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, buffing callus, sugar scrub, light body butter applied on legs and feet and the polish of your choice. CND Vinylux polish is included.  It's a hybrid polish that dries in 8 1/2 min.

LUXURIOUS pedicure 60 minutes - $50 

Includes water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, callus reducing solution applied, buffing callus, sugar scrub, moisture mask (this adds two levels of moisture), hot towel treatment allows mask to soak in faster and stay longer. Dimming the lights during the foot/leg massage. Polish of your choice, CND Vinylux polish  is included.       


Decadent Pedicures  by Ryan............

DARK CHOCOLATE pedicure (90 min.) - $65. 

PEPPERMINT pedicure (90 min.) - $65. 

LIME MINT MOJITO pedicure (90 min.) - $65. 

PUMPKIN PIE pedicure (90 min.) - $65. 

WHITE CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT BARK pedicure (90 min.) - $65. 

*STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE pedicure  (90 min.) - $65. 

*Pina Colada pedicure (90 min.) - $65.

*LIME MARGARITA pedicure (90 min.) - $65.

Includes water soak, remove polish, trim & shape nails, callus reducing solution applied. Triple exfolating with the callus buffing callus, Sugar scrubs infused with antioxidants, Plus Hydration for a moisture mask and hot towels open the pores in your skin allows for deeper moisture content. s infused with antioxidants, hot towel treatment allows the masks to  soak in better.  Plus antioxidant body butter used w/ foot massage. CND Vinylux polish is included. It's a fast drying and long lasting.

These pedicures are the most Decadent services Ryan offers.... No matter which flavor you choose, you'll experience the most relaxing service. The antioxidants in chocolate, mint, lime, coconut, strawberry, white chocolate, sugar plum, vanilla and pumpkin are used to give your skin up to four levels of moisture.

{PUMPKIN Organic sugar crystals gently polish skin by mechanically removing the web of dead cells which routinely cling to the skin and dull the complexion. Sunflower oil rich in essential fatty acids, conditions and regenerates the skin with generous doses of vitamins A and E, and pumpkin seed oil is one of the most nutritious oils available today. Abundant in essential Omega fatty acids, and a bevy of vitamins including A, C, and E, the oil has a pleasant nutty aroma and a beautiful orange coloring.} 

These pedicures are an excellent treat for dry feet. 

CND Shellac Power Polish  Add-on this Power Polish to any pedicure  30 min. - $ 20.
Foot Massage  Water soak, sugar scrub and foot/leg massage 30 min. - $25.