5310 Merchandise Dr., Fort Wayne IN 46825​​

Located inside SPIECE Fieldhouse Wellness wing.

Add on Services by Muna

  • Scalp massage    15 minutes  - $10.
  • Hand & Foot massage      20 minutes  - $15.
  • Acupressure   15 minutes  - $15 .  
  • Eyelashes application  (band & individual)  -  $10. to $25.
  • Arch Eyebrows & Lash Tinting  - $25.   


30 Minutes  $40              45 Minutes  $50

60 Minutes  $60              75 Minutes  $70

                              90 Minutes  $80

All massages include hot towels.

Essential oils are available for an additional $5.00 as an Add-on.

Swedish/Therapeutic Massage

​Massage techniques can range for smooth and relaxing to "melt" away stress.  Firmer pressure for the purpose of 

breaking up knots and toxins that are built up in the muscles.  Myofascial release, Stretching and Trigger Point therapy

may also be used.

Hot Stones or Warm Bamboo

​Massage techniques at its deepest.  Tools may be used such as stones or bamboo to roll and knead the tissue, and help

break up knots and flush the body of toxins.


Stacy Filler - C.M.T.

​260-740-4018 cell


 Lynn Pepple - C.M.T.

 ​260-450-0349 cell

​Skin Care/Esthetician ​​- Muna Khader  260-515-9251 Cell

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage uses long smooth gliding strokes to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscle. It is designed to relax

and soothe the body, mentally and physically. 
60 minutes $60     90 minutes $80
Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic massage that uses a deep pressure to release muscle knots and tension. Focusing on the deepest 

layers of the muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia (connective tissue surrounding the muscles). Deep tissue massage focuses on the problem
areas, so it is not typically a full body massage.
60 minutes $70     90 minutes $90
Oncology Massage is a healing massage for individuals going through cancer, cancer treatments and or have had a history of cancer.

The Massage Therapist will modify the massage to work safely within the complications of the type of cancer, treatment, and the side
effects of both. 
60 min $50
Pregnancy Massage is a specifically tailored massage to meet the needs of a pregnant woman and her changing body. This massage is helpful

in relaxing tense muscles and sore spots, improve mobility and circulation. For the safety of the baby and mother, pregnancy massage should be scheduled after the first trimester.
60 minutes $60
30 Minutes Massage a massage for either neck, back, and shoulders or back and legs. 
Relaxation $30     Deep Tissue $40
Chair Massage for a quick rejuvenation 
$1 per minute 15 minutes max.

Spa voicemail:  260-969-6353

(calling the staff's direct cell number is faster way to reach us...)


What is the Vita Flex points Massage with young living essential oil ? 
(40 min. $45.)

Means “vitality through the reflexes” it is a specialized form of foot massage that is exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils through the body . It is based on a complete network of reflex points that stimulate all the internal body systems. 

The benefits of the vita flex points
•       Promotes better sleep
•       Lowers blood pressure 
•       Improves blood circulation 
•       Fights Depression
•       Relieves aches and pains 
•       Makes feet healthier 
•       Help prevent varicose Veins 
•       Helps you relax 
•       Decrease in hot flashes and important in mood changes 
•       Relieve symptoms of stress ad fatigue 
•       Gives you energy by releasing any blockages that hold back energy 
•       Eases PMS & Menopause 
•       Alleviates Edema 

Glo-Therapeutics Facials   (60-70 minutes)

The products skin treatment is designed to address your specific concerns and meet your exact

skin needs as a result of a personalized face mapping Skin analysis. From cleansing, exfoliation,

nourishment, extractions (as needed), massage, mask and Protection.

  • Brightening & Tightening   -$55.
  • Soothing Sensitive Skin   - $60.
  • Cyto-Luxe Firming   -$75
  • BT-Micro "ultrasonic"/w mask  -$60./ $70.

Microdermabrasion "Deep Exfloliation"

  • Microdermabrasion / Vitamin C Mask   -$55./ $70.
  • Gold Package (four sessions)   -$150. / $200.


​Super-Facial w/peel treatment (65min) 

  • Calming & Brightening Pro5 Exfoliant -$55
  • Free Radials Lactic 20%                          -  $65.
  • Antibacterial Pores Salicylic 30%     -  $70.
  • Anti-aging Glycolic 30%   - $75.

Seasonable Facials by Glo-Therapeutics

   "Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall"     60 minutes   -$50

  • Winter Remedy Facial
  • Glo-Signature
  • Hydrating & Calming
  • Pumpkin Warm & Restore Facial

Glo Mask with Massage by Young Living Essential Oil 

​   Cleanser, Massage, Mask & Protection   40 minute   -$45.

  • Refining "Oily skin"
  • Calming Seaweed "Sensitive skin"
  • Baby Cucumber "Dehydrated skin"
  • Restorative "Dry skin"
  • Cyto-Luxe "Anti-aging"

Relaxation Massageby Muna
Vita Flex point (Reflexology) massage   (40 min) -  $45.
Scalp massage   (30min) - $25.
Aromatherapy & Stone massage
by Young Living Essential Oil  (30min) - $35. (Four sessions/month) 30min. $100.

Full body/upper body Swedish Relaxation massage  -$1.00 per minute (35,45,60min) Add-on warm stone, towels & young living essential oils

Threading by Muna

& Lycon Precision Wax
Eyebrows/Reshape  - $8. to $10.
Upper Lip/Forehead  - $5.
Chin  - $9.           Sideburns  - $12.
Neck  - $10.

Full Face  - $25. (excluding Eyebrows or Neck)
Full Face/ with Mini Facial/ with Mask   $40./ $55./ $65.

Body Sugaring Hair Removal by Muna                 
Underarms  -  $15.          Chest  -    $40.
Shoulders  -  $30.             Back  - $50. & up
Full Arms  -  $50.              Half Arms  - $40.
Bikini / French / Brazilian - $30./ $40./ $60.
Half Legs
(ankle to knee or knee to thighs, not including bikini- both legs) - $40. & up

Full Legs (ankle to thighs, not including bikini- both legs)  - $50. & up


NOTE - Stacy will be starting at Cala Deia Spa on Monday, March 19th.  Call her to make appointments for that date and beyond.